About Me 

My name is Cori Johnston. I love Jesus, my family, my friends, coffee, quality time (usually involving coffee), food, supporting local/small businesses, cooking, anything related to Harry Potter or Gilmore Girls, reading, movies, any winter-related/cozy activity, and Christmas (a lot….like I would be totally fine if Christmas came twice each year…). I love to read. I cry extremely easily. I love hot chocolate chip cookies. I love weddings. I make my own coffee creamer. I can watch a movie I love over and over again. I love to cook and it brings me great joy to share meals with people I love. 
I’ve been married to my husband, Justin, for 10+ years. We have a kind-hearted, gentle, and hilarious 5 year old son named Judson, and spunky, sassy, scrappy, silly 2.5 year old twin girls named Iris and Charlotte.
I work (very) part-time at a local produce store one day each week, and I coordinate weddings every now and then. But most of the time, I get to stay home with my babies! I’m currently about to embark on the adventure of HOMESCHOOLING MY CHILD (gulp😳). 
Like most stay-at-home moms, I want to be there for my babies. To love them, raise them, foster their dreams and help them become world changers. But I’m constantly torn between that and the desire to pursue my own dreams, to explore my own creativity. Hopefully, this blog will be just that. An opportunity for me to be creative, to share my journey. And whether it’s just for me or for a couple other people or a lot of other people…it’s ok. My prayer is that I will allow the Lord to lead me no matter what. 

Follow me on Instagram as @corinnajohnston 



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