Let’s Read!!! 

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. It’s such a joy to connect with the characters in a book and escape into their world for awhile. I’ve always loved to read, but it’s so easy for life to get in the way of taking the time to actually do it, especially after having kids. 

When Jud was about a year old, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the theatre and it left me wanting to know more about the story. I was still adjusting to life with a baby and I had decided I should start reading more frequently when I noticed that any alone time I had was often spent doing things that weren’t very productive or didn’t do anything to enrich me. So I made the commitment to start reading more consistently. I had been wanting to read the Harry Potter series someday, so I figured that was a good place to start! I borrowed the books from a friend and devoured the entire series in about 3 weeks. It sparked a new interest in reading for me (and a love for the wizarding world☺️) and I’m proud to say I’ve honored that commitment! 

I’ve read some great stories and I love to share those stories with others. I would like to use this blog to recommend some of the books I’ve read. I’m no book scholar, I’m just a normal old gal. But, I would personally rather get a book recommendation from someone who is more normal than a book scholar anyway:). I won’t recommend them all in one post so this will, hopefully, be the first of many book recommendations I give! 

Here we go! 

 Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. 
I know many people have already read this book. But I chose to recommend this one because it’s the first book I remember truly impacting my life in a deep way. Donald Miller is a follower of Christ and he spoke in a way I had never heard a Christian speak before. This is a memoir of sorts and it was such a beautiful look at how he let go of tradition and legalism and traded them in for a real relationship with Christ that involves grace, mercy, and unconditional love. Miller showed that it’s actually ok to have relationships with people who don’t share our same religion or beliefs, and that loving them and showing them compassion and acceptance is often times the most effective way to win them to Christ. It’s a fantastic read and if you haven’t read it, yet, you must! 


A Million Miles in a Thousand Years also by Donald Miller.

Yes, more Donald Miller! This is a great follow up to Blue Like Jazz. This was another life-changer for me. In this book, Miller chronicles the journey of joining with a team of screenwriters to turn Blue Like Jazz into a major motion picture (which is a good film!). He discusses the process and how a good book doesn’t necessarily immediately translate to a good movie. It takes work, a different look at the story, and sometimes requires changes to the story. The process caused him to contemplate what it takes to make a good story, and how that can apply to our lives. Our lives are a story, and we are the writer in our own life. We decide our story, but what does it look like to live a good story? How do we do that? How does that impact our life and the lives of those around us? More importantly, are you ready to get off your booty and start living a better story? GOOD stuff, folks. I highly recommend it. 

There, that was painless, wasn’t it???
Have you read either of these books? If so, how did they impact your life? 

Happy reading, everyone!


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