Southern Juice and Beverage Co. 

I LOVE to support local businesses and try new things! I’m also somewhat of a foodie, so I thoroughly enjoy when I get to go to a new restaurant. The square in Gallatin is really starting to come alive with some really neat little restaurants and stores and I finally got around to trying one of them! 


Southern Juice and Beverage Co. is one of the newest businesses to open on the square. I’ve been hearing wonderful things about it, so the other day when my dad (aka, “Pop”) wanted to join us for lunch, we decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! The menu was simple and fresh, the environment was cozy, and the staff was so kind. We had the kids with us so it was a little more hectic, but we all enjoyed it!

Their menu consists of paninis, salads, fresh juice, smoothies, and coffees, all made-to-order with quality, local ingredients. I ordered a Mushroom Swiss panini for myself and a strawberry, banana, mango smoothie to share with Iris and Charlotte. I also ordered a Funky Monkey panini (grilled peanut butter, banana, and honey panini…YUM), and a 2-cheese panini for the kids to share. And Jud ordered a carrot, apple, orange, kale juice. We all pretty much tried everything and no one was disappointed! 

Fantastic Mushroom Swiss! 

 The “Funky Monkey”…YES PLEASE. 

 Char loving her smoothie! 

I didn’t get to try any of their coffee, yet, but if this is their motto, it seems like the right kind of place for me:)))
I will definitely go back to see more of what they have to offer! If you’re in the area, give them a try!
Don’t forget to support local businesses! 


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