Crushed Cars and Dance Parties 

It definitely began as a weird day. My kids are great sleepers and don’t usually wake up during the night unless something is wrong, but Charlotte decided to have a little gab fest at 1:55am. I went to check on her to make sure she was fine, and she was. Just feeling especially chatty, I guess! So she continued to talk and sing to herself (and try her best to wake Iris up so they could party together) until after 5am. Iris woke up a few times to tell Charlotte to go back to sleep:). And, of course, I was mostly awake the whole time. So they slept a little late and I was struggling to get going once Jud was awake. So I brought him to my room so we could “snuggle” (OR so he could play on the iPad whilst I continued to doze/lay there and try to wake up and not feel guilty that he was waiting for me). So when the girls woke up and I FINALLY got them out of bed (at an embarrassingly late hour), I looked at the dishes still needing to be done and  I gave up on any silly ideas about making breakfast and decided we were going to ChickFila for “a special brunch”! I had to call it brunch because remember that “embarrassingly late hour”? Yeah, ChickFila wasn’t serving breakfast anymore, so…..go ahead and say it: Mom of the YEAR. I know. 

But, in that moment as I was exhausted and feeling angry at myself for not being more on top of things and tempted to be in a sour mood all day, the Lord quickly reminded me that these children are a gift, these days are a gift. It’s wasteful to spend the day pouting or taking out my frustrations on them. So I decided to just own today’s laziness. We would make it fun and enjoy it. After “brunch” (which Jud decided was awesome and asked to do more often) we chilled on the couch, watched Disney Junior, and enjoyed each other’s company. 

*To be honest, this family does a lot of snuggling and movie-watching, but we’ve usually woken up at a decent hour and eaten a more balanced meal at its normal time when that happens:)


Iris and Jud being sweet and snuggly while watching Octonauts. One of those “gifts” from the morning that I wouldn’t have even noticed if I had been having a pity party. 

Then, Justin called. He was at work and during a bad storm a tree had fallen onto his car in the parking lot. Thank goodness he wasn’t in it, but the car is totaled! 

Obviously, he could have been seriously injured if he had been in the car. I know he wasn’t in the car or anywhere near it, but seeing the car shook me a little. And, again, I was reminded how each moment is precious. 

The Lord is using days like today to once again show me that He is in the mundane AND in the messy. That even when I’m feeling like a failure, my kids can think that our impromptu brunch is awesome and get excited about little things like watching Disney Junior. Even when I’m tired and not feeling able to keep up with the kids, He’s there reminding me to celebrate and savor and create a wonderful memory. And even though our car situation will be a little inconvenient for a few weeks, my husband is still here with me. And those are all things to celebrate! 
To celebrate today’s gifts we ended dinner with a dance party in the kitchen! Who couldn’t celebrate moments like these? 

  ^I love the blurry-ness of this pic! So much dancing happening! 



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